In addition to painting the outside of your home or building, we can help you with any damage repair, color and design, protection and maintenance, as well as any further individualized  services.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the first step and is done to eliminate the dirt, mold, moss and mildew on your house. Careful attention is given so as not to damage the surface or surrounding vegetation.  


Carefull preparation is done to the surface of the building. Sanding, scraping, caulking and whatever is needed is done. Areas are then covered with tarps and plastic to prevent damage to the surfaces. Bushes and trees are covered or tied back. 


Caring for the facade of a building is highly important for property value. That's why we support you with a variety of services that contribute to maintaining the value as well as the visual appeal of the house.


A few examples:

  • Cleaning of facades in accordance with professional procedures. 
  • Sealing
  • Concrete protection
  • Coating
  • Plastering
  • Stucco


Talk to our staff and find out how we can help you!